Walk-Off Homerun by Four Day Ray Brewing

If you were one of the lucky one’s who scored a ticket the other night to Four Day Ray Brewing’s soft opening, then I’m pretty confident you had a great night. Taking it’s name from a railroad worker who consistently calls in sick once a week, this is sure to be a place that cures whatever ales you.

Without a doubt, Four Day Ray touched all the bases with their beer, food, sparkling taproom and perfect location. First the beer:

Photo by Rick Burkhardt

FDR presented three of their four core beers, a blonde ale (and coffee blonde), an IPA and a stout. (The Scottish ale was not available).

Covering a wide spectrum of styles, this is a smart way to present their beers to many different beer drinkers. All beers were dialed in, something that’s not easily accomplished with a new brewing system and which says, they’ve not been taking days off themselves.

Blonde ales might not normally be my first selection but my prediction here is that the Laplander Blonde will be their best seller. It’s very well done and will provide that craft beer bridge for newer beer drinkers.

photo by Rick Burkhardt

It was quite evident that FDR is also putting a large emphasis on food. Roast beef, oysters on the half-shell, bacon-wrapped scallops, shrimp and skewered steak bites were only some of the many dishes that guests could grab throughout the evening.

With a carefully prepared and expertly delivered menu, the Scratch Kitchen will be perfect for those who really appreciate food and beer pairings, and it also will allow FDR’s brewers and chefs to help educate guests.

Photo by Rick Burkhardt

The taproom inside FDR is warm and cozy with a large bar sitting in the middle of the space, demanding attention like a stage. And attention it will get because FDR offers cocktails and wine, in addition to their beer.

Expect to see patrons with starched shirts and skirts sitting among those in t-shirts and hoodies.

Photo by Rick Burkhardt

The newly-built, brick and block building with black accents, FDR rests on a prominent street corner in the trendy Nickel Plate District of old town Fishers. Though just a couple of minutes off of I-69, the pace of life will slow down here with FDR’s relaxing atmosphere. An artist’s rendering of the unfinished outdoor patio promises this to be a very popular spot.

So ready for it’s opening is FDR, you could actually use their four assets equally to play a fill-in-the-blanks game, “Come for the _____, stay for the _____”. On board the Pint Cycle a few weeks ago for a Four Day Ray preview, I was left totally impressed with their beer. Taking in the whole experience of the brewery the other night, I’ll say that FDR simply knocked it out of the park.



Four Day Ray will have another VIP Sneak Peek Preview Open House on October 16th, ahead of its official opening. Try to snag a ticket!

FDR is located at 11671 Lantern Rd., Fishers, In.